What task do we have to fulfill after parting from our loved one? Boris Seewald’s short film ‘Afterword – From the Ashes of our Love’ juxtaposes us with our neglectful behavior in a poetic story about heartbreak.

A path of dealing with love sorrow is displayed in this movie. The protagonist finds her inner voice by taking the stage in a fantasy world. Her emotions lead her to lessons that teach her that she is capable of doing anything. Self-reflection hits the girl, which offers us animation, dance and captivating cinematic work. Love opens her eyes as the pain from it makes her stronger. She realizes that she is capable of doing anything as an independent person. The message is clear: even if you lost your love, live your life to the fullest and break out of your comfort zone.  

You can’t change history, but maybe you can fix the present.

Understanding that she has to start her own new beginning, the girl’s imaginary world teaches us that we have to make a connection with others to succeed in this. It’s time for action, as we seem to forget to connect with others; we never escape our bubble and stay narrow minded in these times we’re living in. Listen closely and don’t forget the power of a voice. Together one can add something new to one another; insights, cooperation and love. Eventually, by awakening our curiosity and welcome the unseen, we maintain the connection that will serve us a bright future. Therefore the film shows us that we can achieve the unimaginable and that love will come once those insights have arisen. 

The girl’s imaginary conversation makes me wonder: how can I take action to live my life proud?

This story was written by...
Martine Jumelet

Martine is Editor in Chief at KANVAZ. Apart from her critical eye, she is a dreamer and storyteller by heart. Proud to work with a talented team of creatives, she is eager to awaken one's curiosity for the undiscovered and establish a collective of storytellers.