What happens when a naive yet digital-savvy young woman becomes bored by her small-town life? She turns herself into a digital sex-bomb barbie without restrictions. Lolz-Ita is a surprising and compelling short film, challenging our ideas and opinions about our (created) online identities and behavior in today’s digital age.

How safe is the internet to display and explore our sense of identity? What are the consequences? How far can we go to discover who we truly are?

No matter how mundane our lives are in reality, we have become able to manufacture extravagant digital identities, in any way we choose. This movie juxtaposes the contrasts between what is real, and what is not, and explores today’s concepts like gender, sexuality, and youth.

Looking at two identities, online and offline, actress Katie Boland is able to draw us into the worlds of two completely different (and remarkable) character profiles.


Director: Katie Boland
Production: Straight Shooters
Country: Canada
This story was written by...
Hanne Wassink

Hanne is the founder & director of KANVAZ. She is a storyteller and a traveler, exploring the connection between life and art. KANVAZ is the place where she brings together storytellers around the world, making sure real stories of remarkable artists are told.

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