Glimmering, ethereal portraits out of time
Glimmering, ethereal portraits out of time
Glimmering, ethereal portraits out of time

Lauren Brevner. We may ask ourselves if there is another artist out there who is able to capture female aesthetics in such a ‘royal’ manner, the way Brevner is able to. There is something very mesmerizing and grand about the style in which this “self-taught artist” portraits her women; extravagant yet peaceful.

Her working methods are unconventional, next to paint the artist uses different layers of paper, creating a strong sense of depth in her paintings. This results in an unusual and surreal experience for the viewer. The contrasts of ethnic, Asian and ‘runway fashion’ elements are beautifully combined through her working methods.

Brevner was inspired by the iconic Vogue woman of the eighties, who was dressed in oversized costumes, glitter, and bright color. We see that Brevner’s women show a slight resemblance to the eighties power woman, yet they are put out of place and time, ruling their own dreamworld. We see a subtle, beautiful fine line between the contemporary and the traditional.

So, let us get lost in a timeless dreamworld, carefully constructed by Brevner using a great eye for detail.

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Photography: Lauren Brevner
Location: Richmond, Canada


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