Lisbon’s enchanted light by Teresa Freitas

When our editorial team first arrived in Lisbon, we were mesmerized by one thing in particular: the sunlight. Huh? Yes, we all live under the same sun, yet the light is different here. During sunrise and sunset,  soft rays of gold are gently covering the city with a magical blanket of light, during what I now call  “Lisbon’s golden hour” (but maybe all the locals call it that). It has something to do with how the city collects the light reflected by the river, which has been a great source of inspiration for Lisboa’s artistic community. Including today’s featured artist, photographer Teresa Freitas. Teresa uses “Lisbon’s golden hour” as a guideline in her work, but also follows the sun to other enlightened places throughout her travels.

To me, it is amazing to see how Teresa plays with the enchanted light of Lisbon and Portugal, and how she is able to bring forth such an amazing palette of pastel colors in her imaginary. It is emotionally soothing to look at her photography, which gives us a gentle view of Lisbon’s local life.

Like us, Teresa has a special bond with sunlight, which she beautifully explains herself;

“Lisbon is a city that is filled with pastel colors and traditional buildings. A lot of people are still unaware of how special light is in Lisbon, as the river reflects it and shines on the stone pavement used in our sidewalks. It’s very easy to get inspired by light and colors – two things most of my pictures are focused on. I don’t get out to shoot on cloudy and gray days because I’m always searching for that particular light that gives my photographs their trait. It’s something that I also look for in the places I travel to; inspiring me to work specifically on color and exposure when editing.”

Scroll down to see our chosen selection:

Photography: Teresa Freitas

Location: Lisboa, Portugal
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