Brown in brown sinking down

Two weeks ago he met her. She walked in his life as a bee flies through the kitchen-window searching for the honey. Gracefully and determined.

“Hey, I don’t have an opening line but you caught my eye”, she said to him.

Her eyes. She has brown eyes.

Surprised he looks at the dark-haired beauty in front of him. As they start talking he notices the little orange freckles on her nose and the red glossy shine dancing through her long brown hair. He secretly blushes and looks down his coffee cup to hide it. He has so much to hide. As he stirs his spoon around the cup, he imagines her swimming in it. Gently he stirs her naked body around while the dark coffee covers her orange freckles, breasts and face. Brown in brown sinking down.

He has never seen someone so beautiful as her. Next week, when he is hugging trees in the forest, he will imagine he is hugging her.

They walk, they sit, for hours they talk. She smells like warm lemon cake as she tells him about her childhood, her old cat billy and the favorite games she used to play. As his eyes follow the movements of her lips, he registers all the tiny details in her face. She puts her tongue between her teeth a little, every time she laughs. Why does she do that? It makes him feel a warmth he shouldn’t.

“What do you fear the most?”, he asks her.

“Desperately wanting things I can never have”, she says.

As he smiles at her, he brushes her face, noticing a few more freckles on her cheek.
She sighs.

“I have to go”, he says.

He looks at his watch, grabs his coffee and in one big sip,  drinks her up. All of her. Her shiny red-brown hair, lemon cake smell, the freckles on her nose and cheek, her lips, tongue and childhood games. He drinks her up completely. He needs to. Because he has no time for her.

The bus back home is leaving soon. Painfully, he has to be on it.


“Can I have your number?”, she asks.

“No, you can’t. I have a girlfriend”, he says.

This story was written by...
Hanne Wassink

Hanne is the founder & director of KANVAZ. She is a storyteller and a traveler, exploring the connection between life and art. KANVAZ is the place where she brings together storytellers around the world, making sure real stories of remarkable artists are told.