Desire is ego’s hungry cry

Someone once told me
that desire is ego’s hungry cry
Something meditation could teach you how to silence
Do you want to grow up to become a spiritual human being?
Stop desiring, start meditating, little girl

And so I started one of my journey’s
Striving my way to that perfect lotus position in life
I found a place where the needing of nothing became my spiritual crown.
Unfortunately, that crown did not fit me for too long.
And the silence of nothing started to sound too loud
I swear, the mirror even started cracking at my reflection
What was wrong with me?
Well, I discovered that I was awesomely good at desiring
I even had a unique talent for it

So did my inner spiritual journey end there?
No, it began.
The more I opened up to the opportunity of everything
The more I stopped needing the value of nothing
Nothing good, for me

Suddenly, with the speed of light
From my little toe all the way to my head
Like an endless summer storm
A hot energy rushed through me

I started desiring. Everything

Walks, dances, naps, climbs, adventures,
colors, achievements, words, songs,
travels, poems, kisses, cuddles,
tears, laughs, screams, silences, craziness, deliciousness, loveliness

The energy of desiring all of the most unexplainable things
it drives me onward, since that day.
And to my surprise, in the midst of that hot summer storm
I found the most silent silence

Someone asked me the other day, what i thought made a spiritual person
I don’t know, i said.
But i do know what makes a person beautifully human
It is his true and unique way of desiring life
Because there is nobody in the world
who desires in the same, silly and unconditional way

This story was written by...
Hanne Wassink

Hanne is the founder & director of KANVAZ. She is a storyteller and a traveler, exploring the connection between life and art. KANVAZ is the place where she brings together storytellers around the world, making sure real stories of remarkable artists are told.

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