Pastel pink vibe

There is not much to see in her face, not much to learn from at first sight.
Not even a simple expression, a wrinkle on her forehead,  something that would tell you about the fight with her best friend that week.

Her knowledge is this: accept things as they come to you and never look back.

Priceless knowledge you would kill for.
The kind that prevents you from diving into your bathroom on a Friday night,  popping the last Xanax, avoiding the mental shit storm to hit. No, she would know how to prevent that storm from hitting too hard, and push her “off the path” (as she would say).

Yes, she dwells in THAT kind of wisdom.
Timeless knowledge, it’s what makes her face so pastel pink calm.

Yes, she dwells in THAT kind of wisdom.
Timeless knowledge, it’s what makes her face so pastel pink calm.

Not necessarily in a way that she would show off with what she knows, with what she has experienced.
She is not the spiritually bragging type, you see.

And she has experienced plenty.

2012: Falling off a slippery cliff in Salvador, Brazil. End-result a challenging foot injury that would need healing for 13 months (that time she had to wear those ugly Fila sneakers).

2014: The death of Billy. She held her tiny shivering furry body in her arms, until the poor feline drew her final breath.

2016: waking up in Canggu, Bali. His bags, gone. His love for her, gone. Her wallet, gone too (and apparently also her favorite original Mötley Crüe T-shirt).
A broken heart that would need healing for about…well, any day now.

2019: growing her own vegetables, growing as a person, but growing apart from her best friend Mickey. She will recover from that, well, never. 

Feel sorry for her, if you please. But I tell you, she has zero self-pity. ZERO. Her wise little head prevents her from losing it. Her life path is linear, a beautiful soft silk line pulling her onwards.

 I simply envy that pastel pink vibe she has. 



This story was written by...
Hanne Wassink

Hanne is the founder & director of KANVAZ. She is a storyteller and a traveler, exploring the connection between life and art. KANVAZ is the place where she brings together storytellers around the world, making sure real stories of remarkable artists are told.